Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago

WoWowowwwwww it has been too long since I’ve touched this page! I have returned from Brazil, tearfully say my “see you soons” in Colorado and have moved to Chicago! I can feel an exciting chapter is brewing and I am using this space to typetastically communicate with what I’ve got going on.

It’s become important for me to diversify my interest and I’m finding A Girl and Her Beans to be a challenging platform to share my newest ideas and happenings.

I am lucky that my best friend from 6th grade, Carol, is moving down the street from me in our wonderful neighborhood in Chicago. We’ve been brainstorming some ideas and have begun to narrow down what’s going to be highlighted on the site. Here is a quick list of what we’re planning:

Science experiments with coffee 🙂
Cooking and baking (with some Brazilian influence)

I have to say it feels nice to have myself connecting with my midwest roots. The couple of years after college seem to stimulate different sources of creativity in our brains and right now I find that digging old frienships out of the closet and eating a ton of Chicago hot dogs is just what I need.

Until soon friends!


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