La la la Lolaaaaa

This is Lola. Finest mode of transportation in Boquete. She can haul 2 tonnes sin problema and demands skilled experience with manual driving (insert Sir Andrew Robert Cross’s excelent driving abilities).

This mamma requires second gear all the way up the mountain and tops out at 20mph. We have been blessed with her graces as a strong lady, yet we are ready to part ways.

Boquete has been filled with more than rum and interesting indigenous conversations (but just barely) and sadly our time here is almost up. It is difficult to continue writing for my impressive 11 followers due to the lack of electricity at home. I will write more soon about what this Panamanian training has taught me and this… this is a deep promise.

Saturday brings a trip to Portobelo, Panama and the following Friday we head to Medellin, Colombia. This week we are finishing the last harvest hoping to cup our crop.

Hasta Pronto Friends



3 responses to “La la la Lolaaaaa

  1. So sorry your time is up in Boquete, but really enjoyed all the photos that you posted on Facebook – keep ’em coming so we can continue to follow your journey : )

  2. Hey you guys look great! Seems like you’re having fun down there. Love the stories. I’m headed to Prague next week and back to Co at the end of April. Looks like Robin will be out here for the month of June. I won’t be back again until the end of July.
    Mary Ann

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