Well, we have arrived in Boquete, Panama. I thought somehow that the transition from Monteverde to Boquete would be effortless… hop on a 5 hour bus then onto the luxliner 7 hour bus and finally stay myself in a lovely hostel made of bamboo and full of blasted 50 year old men. Oh how wrong I was…

Maybe this is Youth at its finest, complete ignorance to the fact that one cannot sit for twelve hours and experience a 20 degree variation and expect to feel wonderful. I tried to keep this positive mindset [for anyone who knows me you know this is my finest mode of thinking] but it must have taken Andy and I 2.5 minutes upon arrival to start using each other as punching bags.

I bruise like a peach.

Fact of the matter is, this is home. For the next three weeks we will be staying in a lovely bodega within the limits of Volcan Baru National Park. Dont ask me how they are able to farm on national land but thats none of my concern.

We have not any electricity or running water and have therefore almost lit each other on fire with our candles several times. Andy has informed me that he is working on a wind turbine to generate electricity for at least a single light bulb that will allow us to see in the depths of midnight… catch is that I am the generator of the turbine along with a feral cat that is on the property. The Abuelos Rum is dissipating at an astonishing rate but on the bright side, we have lovely neighbors.

(Ron Abuelo and Ginger Ale plus Parcheesi)

Nibardo and his wife live in the room next to us and are always bounding out of bed to beat the sunrise. They have probably experienced lighting each other on fire because they are in bed just after sun sets. We need to keep up with their cleverness.

Nibardo is always talking about the women of the town, women of the world and his wife. He likes when I read the Bible to him [this is not a joke, it is probably one of the oldest versions around and Old Spanish pronunciation is no fun for me] and his wife has asked me to teach her how to read and write Spanish. This is going to be a difficult task… but I am up to it.

We have been bagging seedlings of coffee plants for the past few days and will move onto planting 700 trees tomorrow. No worries… Nibardo and Andy are strong enough that I will probably just lay about and think of witty Henry David Thoreau quotes to describe what I am experiencing in Nature…


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