Pelo de Gato- CAT HAIR?!

Pelo de Gato- CAT HAIR?!

There is a marvelous phenomenon here in Monteverde known by locals as “Pelo de Gato” (Translation: CAT HAIR). I heard this strange reference one day whilst a fine mist danced around my face. A friend said, “Aye, Pelo de Gato”. How bizarre I thought… what is this cat hair? I decided I must investigate.

What could it be? Does the cultural significance of a light rain mean that the cats come out to play and shed their hair everywhere? Does this translate into the opposite of the English phrase “Raining Cats and Dogs”?

After days of research I found one person who could answer my question, he said: “Well when it mists like this, it is really fine like cat’s hair. So we call it Pelo de Gato. That’s all really.”

Ahm, I am still keeping my ears open for a more concrete and academic reason for this reference. I will keep you posted.


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