Pan Dulce

Pan Dulce

You want to know the best part about Costa Rica? Tal vez, the bakery down the street with bomb dot com pan dulce. Gracias.


4 responses to “Pan Dulce

  1. Hey lady, great reporting! I managed to buy some yarn that looks sorta like the yarn in the picture for your scarf. I have to finish up that purple scarf before I can start. I booked a trip to Barcelona for mid-March and Prague in April. Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks Mary Ann! I’m hoping to get a lot more pictures up of our time in Monteverde pretty soon. We’re Panama bound on Saturday. I’m excited to follow the progress of this scarf! That purple one has taken you awhile. I bet you’re ready to be done with it…

  3. Bad news, the yarn is too thin for my only pair of straight needles, I’ll have to order different yarn. I tried several times but it’s no good. Hope you guys are having fun!! .

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