Goat Pandemonium


Alright, so it has been awhile since I´ve been able to post… but there have been reasons!

To start… the goats here are just incredible. I have been admiring them for days at the farm at which I am working. These little goats (cabras) are so full of energy and bound around the areas where we sun dry the coffee or get themselves lost in random parts of the property. You´ll always know one has been lost when there is a lone cry from on the hill-top… they find their way back though. They are also quite amusing whilst moving banana stalks or carrot leaves around-the cabritas will follow me and eat the leaves. Nibble nibble.

Anyways, the second reason things have been so delayed is that I´ve relocated to a new home. I now reside 4km North of Santa Elena, Monteverde in the home of the farmer Guillermo. This place is luxe. I have a view of the Pacific Gulf from the balcony and there are four very lovely dogs full of energy. Guillermo´s two daughters Ana Laura and Collén go to the other school (Monteverde Friends) and are some pretty intelligent little ladies.

Guillermo, Andy and I walk about twenty minutes to the farm in the morning and then to the coffee lab in the afternoon. I’ll post more in a bit about what those two places are.

Good thing about these goats? Bomb goat cheese.



4 responses to “Goat Pandemonium

  1. Hey Alex
    this makes me want to go back to Cost Rico, instead I will just have to brew another cup of coffee. Would love to see more pics of the farm, you in action, and people you come in contact with. Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work.

  2. Hey honey – Love the pictures of the goats. Post more photos of the farm and your view – would love to see! Momma

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