For the past few days I’ve been nestled up in the highlands of Monteverde, Costa Rica. In the home I am seeing familiar faces surround me considering our hosts are friends from Fort Collins, Colorado. Kathryn, Nathan, Sierra and Jade have shown me the local school, market and quite a few coffee shops. Andy and I took a hike up past Sierra and Jade’s school yesterday and oh boy were they excited to show us around.

The kid’s school was great. Compost pile, garden, art studio and a few hundred acres of protected forest land make up their campus. English is the main language at the school but there are students from all over the world attending. Their parents are ecologists, conservationists, coffee growers and all other sorts of professions. It’s a really neat community down here that I am enjoying.

One thing that I can’t seem to find is properly brewed coffee. This is quite interesting to me. I am going to keep my eyes and ears open as to why a community with accessible quality coffee doesn’t have an outlet for quality brewing (if it’s here, I haven’t quite found it yet).

Tomorrow we’re meeting a farmer friend at the local feria to talk coffee and international markets. Ohh the excitement.


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