Bean vs. Seed



Bean vs. Seed

The basic understanding of coffee’s growth process is but a mystery to myself as well as a plethora of people who drink it daily. One thing that is commonplace is that coffee comes from beans and these beans come from trees. Well hold up… coffee is in its own right- a seed. It is a seed incased in a “cherry” and grows on a plant of various heights, widths and species.

What struck me about this truth of coffee as a seed rather than a bean is that even in the most professional of realms… coffee is referenced to as a bean. There is a disconnect between the science and the colloquial discussion of coffee.

But to be honest… I thought peanut butter was a combination of peanuts and dairy butter for the longest time. It wasn’t until I really began to dive into where my food comes from and how it is grown that I began to understand just how complex the whole network is (and figure out how peanut butter has come to be). A page like this is helpful to me… at least those at the SCAA are willing to share that they haven’t always been correct in their terminology. But it’s a step in a good direction… to better understand where your food, coffee, wine what have you… where it comes from.


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